Since its founding in 1953, Weil & Company LLP has achieved a position at the forefront of certified public accounting firms by implementing sophisticated tax and financial planning strategies.  To maintain a contemporary outlook, we continually invest time and money in maintaining current tax and accounting expertise, as well as awareness of the most effective tax and financial planning strategies.

The firm is comprised of partners and professional staff members who specialize in specific areas of service.  Because of Weil & Company’s diversification, they are able to identify tax and financial planning needs, and respond with definitive solutions.

Weil & Company’s credentials include membership in the American Institute of CPA’s and the California State Society of CPA’s.


In addition to our customary tax return and financial statement preparation services, Weil & Company has the expertise to establish and meet all of its clients’ financial goals.   Refer to the Major Service Areas page for areas of expertise.


Weil & Company’s practice continues to thrive because clients are treated as the firm’s most important asset.  A specific partner/specialist will be assigned to each client, based on that client’s particular needs.  In  addition, a “back-up partner” will be assigned to assist if the primary partner is not immediately available.  Depending on the nature of the work assigned, a manager may complete the client’s Weil & Company team to supervise the professional staff assigned.

Each account will undergo an initial review, which allows tax determination and financial strategies to be considered during the year.  In most cases, preliminary advice is given, which will result in reduced taxes and increased net worth.


The entire Weil & Company team maintains a strong loyalty towards all of its clients, and in effect considers them true partners in achieving their tax and financial goals.   Weil & Company is  extremely proud of its 98% client retention record, as well as its solid reputation for accurate and well-documented work.


“I have been a client of Weil & Company since 1994, and cannot think I would ever consider leaving.  They have handled all of the tax and reporting matters for all of my businesses, real estate and personal since that time, and I can honestly say they have never made one mistake on any of my accounts.  I noticed that they have always researched and documented the positions they have taken on my tax returns, and included these findings in well-organized pressboard files.  Very impressive, especially in this day and age.  I truly believe that responding to any inquiry or audit would be an open and shut case in my favor, as their positions have been so well-documented—and ready to go in the files when needed.  Extremely knowledgeable, well-organized and loyal would be how I would characterize my experiences with Weil & Company.”

- S. Burgess